IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Please make sure you have the following documents or you will not be able to complete this portion of REGISTRATION. If you do not have ALL of the documents below, please come back at a later time to register.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Please send legible scanned documents or registration may be delayed. If you do not have an at-home scanning device see the following documentation on our recommendations for scanning documents with your cell phone - Scanning with Microsoft Lens

1. Original Birth Certificate
2. Residency Paperwork
3. Current Bills
4. Immunization Record
5. Parent's Drivers License or other Government ID

Welcome to the Monroe Township School District Online Registration Page. Online Registration is STEP 1 of registering your child for school in our district. Please complete all required questions and upload all required documents before submitting your registration.

After completing the online portion of registration please go back to the MAIN REGISTRATION PAGE and continue with STEP 2 of the registration process.

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